Archway Glendale PSO is excited to announce our new hot lunch program for 2021-2022!


We are partnering with School Eatery to provide our ordering platform as well as a dedicated School Eatery staff member to serve lunches for our students every day! We welcome feedback on this new program, the ordering process and food items! Please be patient and bear with us as we all acclimate to the new program and our server learns our kids and our school. If you have any problems, please reach out directly to School Eatery at 800-570-6755, email, or by clicking a link on the website to Chat with a representative during office hours.

Before you can order hot lunch, you will need to sign up.

Sign up for hot lunch

You will receive an email to activate your account and will need a school code to add your children.

  • To register for Archway Glendale, use registration code: ARG (all caps)
  • Add your child(ren) by clicking “Children” on the left-hand side, then select “Add Child” in the upper right-hand corner and fill out and submit the form
  • Order hot lunch by clicking “Order” on the left-hand side
  • To download the app (available on Apple iPhones), please search ahotlunchand enter schooleatery when prompted for the Domain (all lowercase and no spaces).
  • Once logged in, if you have any questions or need assistance, click on the Software Support option on the bottom left of your navigation panel or contact us by clicking the link to Chat with us during office hours.
  • To contact School Eatery, call 800-570-6755 or email

Now you’re ready to place your order.


Here are some key things to know about our new program:

  • School Eatery coordinates with vendors who will cater our meals. Our vendors this year will include Chick-fil-a, Raising Canes, Barros, Streets of New York, Los Compadres, and Jersey Mikes.
  • One day a week a local kitchen will prepare a menu requested by School Eatery to include items such as burgers and hot dogs, pasta dishes, sandwiches. Los Compadres has contracted with School Eatery to provide these meals for us.
  • School Eatery will be offering a CONTACTLESS delivery for school lunches this year, following the CDC recommendations and guidelines for all meal deliveries, keeping safety precautions our main priority. All meals are prepackaged.
  • Ordering will be open until 8AM each morning! Running too late to pack a lunch before you have to head to drop off? Just log in and place your order by 8am to give them a hot lunch instead.
  • Ordering is available through the website and also through the HotLunch App (currently only available for Apple iPhone users).
  • Snacks are also available to purchase. Your child will be allowed to choose their snack from a variety of options when they come up to the lunch window. You can purchase a snack even if you are not purchasing a hot meal for your child that day. These snacks are generally chips, cookies, granola bars.
  • We still absolutely love and need volunteers to help our server! Volunteers can help check off names, hand out snacks and be on hand to help the server and teachers as needed.
  • Our Lunch Program is still over-seen entirely by our Parent Service Organization volunteers. Please contact School Eatery directly or the PSO Lunch Coordinator at with any questions! A small portion of proceeds from each lunch are directed to the PSO who will in turn use these funds for our school.

Please direct any questions to the Lunch Program coordinator by emailing, not the school office.

The Archway Glendale Lunch Program is entirely managed and distributed by our Parent Service Organization volunteers. The lunch program consists of pre-ordered, catered food, delivered daily by local food vendors. All profits go directly to the Parent Service Organization benefiting Archway Glendale students.

The PSO relies on you, the parents, to volunteer your time to help serve lunch. If we can get enough volunteers to help out, we will be able to expand our lunch program to additional days of the week during the first two quarters. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more info, please email

Thank you for participating in our school lunch program!